A new synthetic (“designer”) drug has recently emerged, a powerful hallucinogen nicknamed “25I.” Commonly described as a “synthetic LSD,” this powerful synthetic has already claimed the lives of several young people, most recently, a 21 year old festival goer in New Orleans. Read about that overdose death here.

Very little is known about this substance, technically named “25I-MBOMe,” including perhaps most importantly, the toxic and lethal dosages for humans. Consequently, takers of the new drug are setting themselves up as human guinea pigs and the result has been a spate of overdose deaths related to seizures and loss of consciousness and bizarre behavioral deaths such as that of an 18 year old in Australia, who, after consuming the hallucinogen, repeatedly ran into fixed objects such as trees and power line poles, sustaining fatal injuries.

25-I is a derivative of the powerful hallucinogens 2CB and 2CI, which are federally illegal. However, as is the case with other drugs, federal prohibition does not equal state prohibition, which means 25I is accessible in most states.