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Bio-Med proudly partners with Universal Forensics Company for its DNA testing.


Professional Accreditation:
Universal Forensics Corp. (UFC) is a full service laboratory provider of advanced DNA diagnostic testing for forensic and family relationship applications. Universal Forensics is an AABB accredited laboratory, which is the gold standard requirement within the DNA testing field. Employing the latest state of the art scientific techniques and analytical protocols, coupled with an experienced, well trained and dedicated team of professionals, UFC exceeds well beyond all minimum standards as established by the College of American Pathologists’ and the AABB governing body.

Unparalleled Customer Commitment:
The services provided by UFC for comprehensive DNA family and relationship testing have helped companies, governments and individuals worldwide seeking to determine and verify relationship status. UFC also provides research, development and DNA consulting services as well as expert witness testimony through the court systems. Universal Forensics laboratory has created multiple safeguards to insure client security and confidentiality for physical DNA samples as well as the calculated test results.

Going Beyond:
The soul of any company is only as good as the integrity of their leadership and their people.  Universal Forensics believes in integrity above all else, and is particularly mindful of their social responsibility and the trust their clients place in them to find the complex answers of family connection, identity and relationship. To that end, UFC is the only laboratory routinely employing enhanced DNA markers for the ultimate in testing accuracy. For all legal and non-legal DNA paternity testing, UFC tests with 24 markers, while the industry standard is only 16…50% more markers means a greater degree of statistical accuracy and certainty of test results. If DNA test samples submitted are weak, UFC will run their testing with an amplification process a second time, at no cost to the client, to achieve the desired results. For all paternity exclusion testing, samples are routinely run twice to insure the highest possible degree of accuracy and process integrity.

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