Prescription Drug Abuse in the Workplace

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Prescription Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Are you concerned about how to address prescription drug abuse in the workplace?

The misuse of prescription drugs (psychotherapeutics) is at epidemic proportions in the US.  Current data indicate that we produce enough hydrocodone and oxycodone per year in this county to supply every citizen with 24 tabs of hydrocodone and 40 tabs of oxycodone.

Fatal overdoses of psychotherapeutics outnumber deaths from all illicit drugs combined, car accident fatalities, and homicides.

This type of drug use presents a unique and complex set of challenges for employers.  If a user has a valid prescription, the use is not necessarily unlawful and may not result in a positive drug test (drug tests resulting from lawful prescription use are reported as negatives).  However, many psychotherapeutics, when overused, render an employee unfit for duty.

Bio-Med offers a comprehensive solution to addressing this growing threat to workplace safety that includes supervisor and employee training, extensive drug testing panels, and testing program development and implementation strategies.

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