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Fatal Truck Crash Linked to “Spice,” Twentieth “Spice” Death in US

Fiery fatal truck crash on I-94 in Wis. linked to synthetic marijuana August 4, 2012 – 9:47 PM A man's death in the crash was the third death of a Minnesotan linked to the dangerously unpredictable substances. A truck driver has been charged with two felonies for allegedly smoking synthetic marijuana before causing a fiery nighttime [...]

GRAPHIC CONTENT: 10 Reasons to NEVER Use Bath Salts

The slightly satirical article linked below contains a list of horrific and absurd cases of incidents related to MDPV, AKA "bath salts."  Some of the content is graphic and adult themed.  The article demonstrates the danger of this trending designer drug.  In 2011, poison control centers logged more than 61oo emergencies related to bath salts, [...]

Prescription Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Are you concerned about how to address prescription drug abuse in the workplace? The misuse of prescription drugs (psychotherapeutics) is at epidemic proportions in the US.  Current data indicate that we produce enough hydrocodone and oxycodone per year in this county to supply every citizen with 24 tabs of hydrocodone and 40 tabs of oxycodone. [...]

Bio-Med Introduces New E-Newsletter

Bio-Med is very excited to announce that we are now distributing a regular newsletter by email.  In it, you will find important information about our services, changes in relevant laws and regulations and vital information about trends in drug use. This newsletter is for the general public, not only our clients. If you'd like to [...]